And "very good dual cleaning — there were 200 pebbles, and most is not believed that such muck wore.

I eat so: in the beginning a fluid, lettuces, in the majority crude, and then all-in-one gruels on water (I add honey and pot butter).

I drink an urine every morning from 3 o’clock till 4 o’clock on 100 ml. I roll up base surfaces of legs, a knee, an arm elbow, I smear over a skew field uparennoj to г/4 an urine.

Became much better to feel, only has grown thin. I recommend to the acquaintances your books ".

I wish all readers of Health and Happiness in setting in year.

Genesha (Malakhov G. P)


"To me 74 years. I am engaged in treatment under your books since 1999. Washed out a green urine a thick intestine, dusted a liver in 1999 6 times. There were pebbles of any value, as pease, as a bean small, any mucus, a mud.

In 2000 once dusted a liver and a thick intestine. In 2001 dusted a thick intestine with uparennoj to 1/i urine. Before liver cleaning, as always, a trough, and more week a saw "trojchatku" before cleaning. Has made dual cleaning of a liver. Here already there were many pebbles, and major enough. When gave an enema in the morning — were strewed, as pease ".

On December, 31st Sunday

2nd stage, 12 lunar days begin at 9.55. Christmas fast

12 lunar days: "Heart". Senses of love, mercy and compassion are activated. It is useful to give alms, render the charitable help to the needing. Is contraindicative to display rage, hatred, despair and to cry. This day prayers will help, it is possible to gain revelation. It is day of victory of wisdom of soul over customary mind and senses. Restrict itself in firm nutriment, drink more fluids, it is specially sap, decoctions, compotes. The exercise stress should be yielded small — keep heart.


If at you an intimate occurring and you prepare before it a little to have supper, it is possible to recommend a few alcohol. Prepare wafers from a germinated grain with honey. Let will be more greens, vegetables, grasss, korenev. Meat is it is undesirable: on its digestion a lot of energy leaves. If you all the same get hungry after stormy sex prepare a light salad from crude vegetables and fried eggs. To gorge on before going to bed it is harmful, and such lettuce with fried eggs will blunt sense of hunger. The culinary sensuality can be and peculiar help in weasels. We will tell, the fruit jointly eaten in sand bed or the love beverage drunk in halves from one glass. Deliver about sand bed the stage with beverages and fruit — they yield pleasant flavour.

By the way, the most loveful, by a general recognition, the nation — Frenchmen consider that the sexual potency is strongly enlarged from the use of a considerable quantity of a Camembert cheese with which one it is necessary to wash down with mineral water. The secret of this diet is simple — a combination of the complete protein containing in cheese, to the mineral devices which are available in water.

The American dietarians have elaborated the diet for rising of a sexual potency. They advise 3 times a day is a sourcrout. 90 % of the men who have shared in experiment, have marked positive action of this diet on their sexual capabilities. The secret of such diet is easily explainable: acid taste boosts power engineering of heat-up of an organism on which one sexual energy is grounded, redoxon (20 mg on each 100 g of cabbage) increase sexual activity, and lactic acid refines a metabolism and adds vivacity.


So, we will talk how to create in an organism a favorable conditions for blanket environmental sanitation by means of a delivery.

It is necessary to consume nutriment according to bioritmologicheskoj activity of a digestive organs. A lunch from 7 o’clock till 9 o’clock, a dinner with 13 to 15. For a supper it is possible to drink a glassful svezhevyzhatogo juice or amasi, to eat a few fruit, to drink grassy to tea with honey or primely waters. After 15-16 hours the nutriment is badly overcured and zashlakovyvaet an organism, standard operation of an organism is upset.

For help: digestion process lasts from 5 till 7 o’clock. Body temperature, and with it activity of digestive enzymes at night is reduced. As a result of it the nutriment is longly and defectively overcured in an organism that leads to formation of drosses and reduction of blanket vitality of a human body.

It is necessary to consume correctly nutriment during one reception. At first drink a fluid (if there is a need), then eat lettuce or semistewed vegetables, fruit. The second dish can be starchy or proteinaceous, but mate proteinaceous and starchy yields (a potato with a meat cutlet) it is impossible.

For help: if a fluid to drink after meal water will dilute with and smoet a part of gastrointestinal juice; a fresh vegetables (or semistewed), fruit contributes abandonments of an alimentary leukocytosis, normalise an intestine peristaltics, contribute in development of the correct microflora in alimentary canal, correctly adjust hormonal system of an organism; squirrels (meat, eggs, curds, cheese and etc.) or Amylums (a potato, sleets, bread and etc.), accepted separately, in itself, are better overcured and assimilated (it is demonstrated by I.Pavlova’s experiences).

That foodstuff was valuably assimilated, it is useful to clean a liver some times. It normalises all types of swaps in an organism and contributes in qualitative learning of nutriment.

For help: at the adult person valuably operates about 30-40 % of cells of a liver, remaining are in the inactive state, filled with the old, not deduced gall. Because of it the metabolism which one is committed in a liver (proteinaceous, futty, carbohydrate, vitaminized, mineral, hormonal and etc.) suffers affliction. Because of "downtroddenness" liver drosses in it upset a circulation. There is a portal hypertonia (the level of its implication is various: from small to apparently definable) which one distorts standard tsirkulirovanie energies and bloods in an organism. A part of alimentary matters, passing a liver because of a portal hypertonia, circulates on an organism in unfinished state that causes an allergy and zashlakovku, reduces immunodefence.

It is impossible to eat too much at one time nutriments. All bulk eaten for eat period should not exceed 0,7-1 l. Before sexual intercourse at all it is not necessary to gorge on is can hinder with standard rise of sexual energy on charkas.

It is desirable to learn to brew nutriment so that in it it was saved as much as possible biologically active materials and vital energy. As demonstrate probes, the jointweeds staggering us with the capability to play back descendants in ninety years, in the core all life ate natural nutriment, consuming a lot of greens, vegetables, fruit, nut coals, is milk-sour yields.

Here some simple regulations of cooking.

1. Do not use meat, specially osteal, broths! The beef broth is sated by extractives which one contribute in development of cardiovascular diseases. It is better to thread meat small slices and, cooking soup, to weld it together with vegetables.

2. Nutriment plot on feeble light, under a cover, in characteristic juice or with a water small amount. Even griddle cakes and fritters are better for baking under a cover, on feeble light. Cook food on vegetative "pillows". On a bottom of ware lay down a stratum of the various vegetables thread by splints or slices. On it lay a principal product — a fish, meat or a sleet, and on top again a stratum of vegetables. All flood boilling water much and put on the strong light. As soon as water will start to simmer, light should be diminished, without admitting bubbling up, and to ungear, when the dish "will be almost ready", i.e. taking into account that it still will infuse.

3. Worth of a yield is maximum saved and at cooking by a heating and insisting method. Squirrels thus do not fail, do not emulsify greases. The nutriment needs to be brought to the boil and a pan to remove from light. Minutes through 30-40 pan it is necessary to deliver again on light, to bring to the boil, to boil 5-6 minutes and again to remove for 20 minutes. After that the dish is ready.

4. Plot foods with love! Your power engineering attacks brewed yields, "recording" on them your emotional state. Want to be pleasant? Then knead the dough, shinkujte vegetables, pulpify soup in kind, tender mood, wishing to haul pleasure to the favourite.

Having assimilated these regulations, it is possible to apply a special delivery and the yields directed on magnification of a sexual potency with much bigger favour.

Ground ancient and modern knowledge it is demonstrated that sexual function is boosted to similar it by energy. This energy in food can be in active and in a bound state. From here all food can be parted on two major categories.

The maiden category. To this category attribute all those yields in which one vital force is in an activity state. First of all, it is various types of sprouts — a germinated grain (a plantlet to 2-5 mm) and to it similar, the growing root crops unstranding embryos of a type of eggs, caviar and animals (but their worth is lost that the tempering separates from the active energy matter, and in the raw state we do not eat them), yields to which one there are the active enzymatic reactions with involvement of the congenial micro-organisms (beer yeast and to it similar).

For example, bread from a germinated grain and soup from it high potential of vital energy, very relevant vitamins of bunch In contain, reproduction vitamins, D, and also many other matters extremely indispensable for rigorous operation of sexual function.

The most useful yields are dietary small loafs from a germinated grain, soup and cutlets from a sprouted wheat.

Small loafs from a germinated grain

To take 200-300 g of wheat, to wash, pour out in a soup plate and to flood water that it did not coat a pellet, on third of their altitude. To cover a plate and to abandon at an indoor temperature, occasionally intermixing pellets that the high layer did not parch. If it is required, to fill up waters. Approximately in 2-3 days in wheat there will be plantlets of 1-2 mm — wheat is ready. To drain off superfluous water, to envelop a plate a cellophan and to deliver in a refrigeration cabinet (but not in a freezing chamber); it will cease to grow in a refrigeration cabinet.

As required take a pellet, meljat on the meat hasher, make small wafers and slightly roast them on creamy or vegetable oil. Is it is necessary in a warm type. It is one of the best yields in a winter time.

Soup from a sprouted wheat

To take about 400 g of water, 2 centre pillars of an onion, 2 carrot, some potato tubers. To grinde a potato, to thread an onion and carrot, to pulpify to availability. Then to remove from light and to add 2-3 items of a spoon of a sprouted wheat, a bay leaf and other spices on taste (it is undesirable to salt). In 10-15 minutes soup is ready for application.

This soup contributes in sharp magnification of a potency and immunodefence rising. Specially it is recommended in a cold and dry season for people of the constitution of "Wind".

Cutlets from a sprouted wheat

Cutlets from a sprouted wheat plot the same as also small loafs. Odds that during wheat crunching on the meat hasher it is necessary to add garlic. Taste of the gained yield bears a strong resemblance to taste of meat cutlets. Some people do not distinguish them.

As the most effective for rising of sexual capabilities eggs of sparrows, partridges, pigeons always were considered, and is then more narrow than hens.

Milk some sorts, for example camel, have the strong an effect on a sexual potency. Will approach and: cow, but only fresh-killed.

Fried eggs with zharennym on vegetable oil an onion are under our conditions good.

Fish roe well approaches for this purpose, but it is desirable as more as possible green wherefore salting destroys vital energy.

In svezheprigotovlennom meat of young animals (specially in underdone) there is a part of vital energy which one enlarges sexual activity. Specially a lot of sexual energy is contained in sexual organs of animals, for example in spermaries of young bull-calves. Therefore, if them to roast and eat, the potency will increase. Bowking works worse — it destroys vital energy. For potency rising use dishes from spermaries with garlic and sunflower-seed oil.

Here the difficult Turkish dish for rising of a potency which one at desire it is possible to prepare on family celebration.

Turkish dish

4 small flounders, 4 items of a spoon of cream, 4 yolks, 1 glassful of a flour, 300 g of butter, 2 carrot, parsley bundle, 2 bulbuses, are a little celery leaves, a thyme on taste.

From fish meat separate bones, bones together with vegetables boil in 5 glassfuls of water, a flour fry about 200 g of oil in a small pan, decoction from bones and vegetables snug drain off in the fried flour. Then a pan take out from light. Yolks with cream force down and add to sauce. Slices of a fillet of a flounder roast in the remained oil to a ruddy crust. Before submission on desktop them flood sauce and on top stud with a black caviar.

The second category. To this category attribute all yields in which one has happened "aakonservirovanie" vital energy in matter structures. The greatest quantity potentially oblate vital energy is in seeds, in the material structures of sexual organs, in a seed animal and some other structures of an organism of a type of horns, in any grasss and the root crops possessing urticating, warming up activity.

First of all the "connected" sexual energy is contained by those parts of a skew field of animals which one directly participate in sexual intercourse — a penis and testicles.

"Magic" property the dry penis of a buttress (it should be exsiccated, wherefore in the course of a tempering of structure which one "hold down" sexual energy, fail) possesses — it pour soft-boiled egg.

Purchase 4 pieces of any kind of testicles: bovine, pork, mutton, etc. Thread their thin slices and exsiccate in a bakeoven at temperature no more than 40 °s. Eat on one slice in day. Or process on the meat hasher dried chunks, admix them with pot butter, make globules in diameter about 2 see Accept on one globule 3-4 times a week.

Pease, bean, soya bean, and also various varieties of nut coals boost a potency not worse meat dishes. Avitsenna in "the Canon of a medical science" yields flock of the useful references concerning the use of seeds of turnip, a neetle, carrot, a celery, a flax and a trigonella for magnification of a sexual potency. Accumulate vital force and growth root crops in the congenial season. The matters contributing in activity of female sexual hormones, are in pomes, grenades. Boosts love senses green grapes. The potency is increased by carrot.

Plants and the yields possessing urticating, warming up taste, contain energy, related the sexual. In the core it is spices — a cardamon, an anise, a basil, mustard, a pink, a saffron, ginger, cinnamon. At us are most spread still an onion and garlic.

Honey possesses capability to boost a sexual potency, therefore it is recommended to drink honey water with a saffron. Dense decoctions of onions juice and honey are useful, them accept before going to bed with hot water on 1-2 items of a spoon.

Wine happens often the sex companion. It is a little natural wine in an intimate situation will not hinder also to spouses with the experience. I will give some prescriptions of light alcoholic beverages. However, remember what to misuse with alcohol it is intolerable.

Beverage glowing

2 glassfuls of strong tea, 1/2 glassfuls of rum or cognac, a lemon orange peel, 1 item a granulated sugar spoon, 1/2 lemons.

In glasses to teem strong refrigerated tea, to add an orange peel, to couch juice from a lemon. To charge glasses to 3/4 altitudes, and then to run in in everyone a rum or cognac spoon. To fire and a tax a glowing beverage in ceramic ware.

After we in a general way oписали a delivery and the yields approaching for a heaving of a sexual potency, will transfer to the specification statement of beverages and prescriptions of dishes.

Beer is hot

2 bottles of good green beer, a cinnamon pinch, 3-4 pinks, a lemon peel, 3 yolks, 2-5 items of spoons of a granulated sugar.

Beer to boil with a pink, cinnamon and a lemon peel. Yolks to triturate with Saccharum in white foam, to run in hot beer, permanently stirring slowly. All to warm up until slightly will not thicken, but not to boil.

Fruit liqueur from rose-tree leaves

To assemble rose-petals in bloom, to charge with lobes a quarter of a reservoir (3), to flood the acceptable, good vodka, to yield to stand, while fruit liqueur will not become is dark-amber bloom, to drain off, without squeezing out a ground, to sweeten, having added 100-300 g of Saccharum.

Grog "Fairy tale"

1 glassfuls of mineral water, 1/2 glassfuls of rum or cognac, 1 item a spoon of a fruit syrup, 2 slices of ice.

In high thin-wall glasses lay ice slices, fill in refrigerated mineral water, then the fruit syrup admixed with cognac or rum, and at once give.

Grog "Dream"

1/2 glassfuls of rum or cognac, 1 glassful of a red dry wine, 1 dry branchlet of a cedar, 1 scrap of Saccharum.

Dry wine admix with a ground branchlet of a cedar and warm up till 70-80 °s, draw it in a water bath of 10-15 minutes that cedar aromatic substances have transferred in wine. A solution filter and admix with rum or cognac. Add Saccharum, intermix, heat and teem in high thin-wall glasses. Drink the hot.


Delivery plays a huge role in keeping up of standard health of each person. If with health that’s OK and with sexual function all will be in norm. Was relevant to perceive the following: sexual function as though "lies" on an organism and "eats" after all its needs are completely contented. If it is not enough alimentary resources, the organism for characteristic saving first of all cuts off sexual function.

Let’s illustrate it with several examples. Sexual function is in an inactive state until the person will not grow. Similar it is watched and at animals. If to restrict the person in a delivery the skew field mass rises more slowly, and with it and puberty is fastened down. In process of organism ageing sexual function though in all remaining the organism is healthy first of all disappears. Simply on its keeping up excess of energy which one already is not present is required. The bright example of an extinction of sexual function — starvation. In this continuance the organism spares all resources and directs them only on keeping up of life activity of an organism. As a result there is no desire to commit sexual intercourse. And on the contrary, abundant of nutriment and free energy leads to rising of a potency and desire more promptly to bleed seed blisters from excess of a semen.

How the man eats, it is possible to judge, what it the lover. The glutton — the hasty lover making all on "a fast arm" and not attaching great value to the content and quality of intimate relations.

The cheerful mouth to feed — is pleasant for life, with predisposition to the infinite preludes. The gourmet for which one the meal is a feast, tries to make the same and in love, however thus can lose naturalness. The leading healthy conduct of life which is not using meat and generally scorning meal for the sake of characteristic health, tries to subordinate the partner to all desires.

That a delivery maintained or increased your sexual capabilities, it is necessary to know that a delivery should contribute in blanket environmental sanitation of an organism and health keeping up up-to-the-mark. It you will create the congenial bottom on which one your sexuality will unstrand. And only after that you can use a special delivery for boost of sexual function. Otherwise to sense will be a little.


Therapeutic activity of sexual intercourse is grounded on that fact that particular positions direct energy various trajectories that allows it to be concentrated in sick organs and to cure them. Sexual intercourse always causes changes in breath, palpitation, a circulation, secretions of glands and an emotional state (that is the strong energetic surge). As the skew field possesses capability to create antipoisons against any illness or a state, it only a problem of actuating of the necessary metabolic process.

Thus, manifold sexual positions can be considered as "sexual yoga" which one can treat even more efficiently as both staminate, and female principles work in harmony and add each other. This science demands, that the man has developed the capabilities of a time delay. The role of the woman in therapeutic sex consists in were the initiator who is clearing up salutary natural forces. Its power engineering increasing as a result of four orgasms, — a powerful bioenergetic means to which one it is difficult to be compared to any psychic, treating energetic action wherefore it is in a normal condition.

Sexual secretions, saliva, the sweat "irradiated" with these special and powerful energies, acquire special qualities which one harmonise a skew field and psychics of the man.

Using sex in the medical purposes, it is necessary to know such singularity: when the man is active, it donates salutary energy. For obtaining its woman lies easy, having abirritated mind, and concentrates the attention to a sore point. It allows the gained energy to arrive there where it is necessary for a recovery. When the man lies easy, and the woman is active, it gains energy, and it donates.


The answer. It is perceived incorrectly. Repeated experience is necessary to "file" "the lost information" in consciousness — to make its realised.

In this case it becomes invalid unexpected, forcing down activity. It is analogous to activity of the "lost" program in the computer. It can "float" at any moment at "its unintentional activation" and lead to computer hangup. But when it is filed in the catalogue and spotted, — it ceases to work is unpredictable.

On December, 11th Monday

3rd stage, 21 lunar days begin at 18.22. Christmas fast

21 lunar days: "Tabun of horses". At the person active clear up, a creative power. Recuperation process is accelerated. Are aimed to "honesty and justice. The joint occupations uniting to people on concerns are useful. For example, run in the open air, hydrotherapeutic procedures — spongings down, a steam room. Eat natural yields with acid taste and red bloom — a bog-berry, a mountain ash. Carrot and its juice is useful. Sharply restrict consumption of fats and protein. These lunar days — the best time for passage to a new place of work.


And "you recommend for killing of cellular memory, imperila, to endure in the consciousness negative situations on some times. A leah will lead it to making mysleformy in an astral which one will be aimed to implement a situation repeated physically or to create a similar situation?"

On December, 10th Sunday

3rd stage, 20 lunar days begin at 17.41. Christmas fast

20 lunar days: "Eagle". These lunar days the power engineering contributes in spiritual transfiguration of consciousness of the person: it abandons doubts, makes solutions and inserts all will to spiritual, moral or military exploit. Day of a spiritual enlightenment of the person. The main thing that from realisation of it the person has not become proud. It is the best day for 24-36-часового starvations. It is recommended to read spiritual and moral books. Spend this day in calmness. It is possible to dust buds.


Sexual intercourse with the beautiful and magnanimous woman, performed carefully and closely, — the best drug from all.

From the Old Indian hospital tract

If the man commits sexual intercourse, but does not lose a seed, vital force and energy is worked out and enlarged. The skew field assimilates it, becomes stronger that leads to a peaking of all senses.

From observations of wise men

In far times of norm of interrelation between men and women were others, at intimate relations looked more naturally and simply. Then people have perceived, on the experience have experienced that their sexual ratios can strenghten and rejuvenate an organism besides a continuation of the family, contribute in spiritual progress. All depends on the point of view on sexual ratios and knowledge of singularities of energetic interplays between the man and the woman during sexual intercourse. Knowing these gears, it is possible to launch and achieve teleologically them the desired effect.


"I am very grateful to you. That doctors cannot make, you make by the books: put people on legs.

Leah it is possible for me to make cleaning of a liver with the distort ed gallbladder? The knee in a gallbladder pin, in the same place is also a rock ".

The answer. It is possible to dust, and it is possible reception of juice, an urine to prolong it slowly to dilute.

On December, 9th Saturday

3rd stage, 19 lunar days begin at 16.56. Christmas fast

19 lunar days: "Friction socket". The power engineering of these days is very heavy. The person is easily deceived and falls under flaw influencing. To counter it it is necessary moral cleaning of consciousness. Analyze the acts, mentally confess in perfect harm, forgive offenders, be saved of self-deception and arrogance. It is possible to spend refinement of the field form of life by means of breath and music. Follow-up fulfil "igneous refinement" — sit at a naked light, steadfastly at it looking. It is good to fire a candle and to bypass with it the dwelling. It is possible to dust buds.